Adrienne Black-Shippee is a Canadian artist who specializes in portraitures, landscapes, and seascapes. Painting in oil on canvas is something that gives her a vast sense of freedom. Most of her works are larger as getting lost in her subjects is part of her process.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Adrienne's love of the arts was nurtured by her family through their shared passion for international travel, art, music, history and anthropology. Her Grandfather was the renowned anthropologist Davidson Black II who discovered the ancient bones of homosapien genus "Peking Man" in China. Her father Davidson Black III was a prominent Toronto opthalmologist and surgeon and global traveller. Such love of adventure, people and places is obviously inherited. Adrienne's passion for portraiture and landscapes was instilled at a young age. Her influential god-father nurtured her art through lessons at his southern Ontario farm and shared family holidays across Canada, The Bahamas, and abroad. Adrienne's formal training in art began in childhood when her parents and loving Godfather enrolled the young artist in a variety of courses during their international travels. University degrees in Business and Design were then achieved in Ontario. Wherever she went, painting has always been a part of her life.

Whilst living in New Jersey for 18 years, Adrienne launched herself as a working artist along with raising her 4 sons. Inspired by the beautiful beaches and family community where she lived, Adrienne's art was exhibited by invitation in regional galleries, retail shops and schools. From this exposure in public spaces came commissions. And, so began her life as a working artist.

In 2016, Adrienne returned to Canada with her sons and chose to settle in Nova Scotia where she could remain by the water and natural surroundings that always have inspired her. In 2019, her home studio was established in her riverside Bridgewater century home. With morning yoga complete, and a cup of fresh brewed coffee in hand her time turns to her work. Natural light floods the cozy studio and Mozart plays as the process of gentle concentration and focus begins. Inspiration flows differently each day allowing her to have many pieces in progress at once. This is a process that keeps her work moving with her emotional connection. Her brushes are held in various positions to allow for changing looseness and detail. Her position varies from standing to sitting to standing again as the paintings develop and morph. In 2021, Adrienne became engaged to a wonderful Nova Scotia man and now the Toronto artist can't imagine living anywhere else but beautiful Nova Scotia.

Adrienne is a self professed renaissance woman with a positive nature and a wicked sense of humour. She has a love for life, and a keen desire to share this through her work. When not painting in her new lakeside home studio outside Bedford, Nova Scotia, she loves cooking, interior styling, hiking to the beach , kayaking, and exploring the beautiful communities Nova Scotia has to offer. Her travels now take her through the exquisite Maritime provinces, in addition to jonts across the pond.

This artist paints with great feeling. Each brush stroke is addressed with the love for her subject. Light, shadow, emotion, and movement are portrayed in her work as each painting is a labour of love. Her translation of a sweeping landscape, a beautiful child, or a beloved pet, transferring the warmth and love of the flat photographic image to a dimensional work of art is a time honoured skill that Adrienne loves.




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